Rayglass Boats regularly build custom premium vessels for customers all over the world. We’ve built thousands over the years but we rarely get to work on projects as unique and impressive as the pitch black custom Protector 330 Chase we created for a client in Sweden recently. We call it the Blackbird. 

This is one of the most powerful, intimidating and pure awesome boats we’ve ever built. 


All black everything

The Protector 330 Chase is a high-performance centre-console vessel favoured by some of the world’s leading yachting competitions as well as recreational boaties. Its advanced design means it rides smoothly at high speeds, even in rough seas. 

In its standard form, it’s a highly specified performance vessel, so we were excited when our client asked us to take it to another level. 

We blacked out almost every surface on the Blackbird, giving it an impressive, sleek  appearance. Next, we powered the boat with dual Mercury 450 racing engines, giving it a top speed north of 110kph. 

After installing a top end dual screen Simrad system, we added joystick operation, to make it easier for our client to drift in and out of docks and tight spaces. 


Rare craft and quality

Decades ago, most boats were built with teak flooring. But since then, more synthetic options have been invented, the cost of teak has skyrocketed and the craft of hand-building teak flooring has started to die out. Today, there are only a handful of guys around who hand-build teak flooring for boats. 

We bought the tradition back for the Blackbird, and our craftsmen installed traditional teak flooring and detailing throughout. It may be more expensive and time-consuming, but it is a superior product every day of the week - and we think you’ll agree - the boat looks incredible. 


Rayglass custom vessels

Have you got an image in your mind of what your dream boat would look like? Get in touch with Rayglass and talk us through it - we’d love to build you your very own custom vessel.


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