We’ve built some serious vessels for some serious boat owners over the years. But Asahi II, a recent custom Protector 410 Targa build, may just take the cake.

It was the second Rayglass that the owner of Asahi, a 56 metre ketch superyacht, had ordered and building it was a long and complex journey. 

Built to match

Asahi is one of the most luxurious and elegant superyachts in the southern hemisphere, with an 11.5 metre beam, six cabins, a spa on deck and a 103 inch 3D TV. When the owner isn’t using it the vessel is available for charter for just under $450,000 NZD a week in the high season.

The Protector 410 Targa was built as a tender for day trips, diving, snorkelling and watersports for both charter guests and the owner. Lyndsay Turner, Protector International Sales & Marketing Director says it’s a unique vessel:

“This was a really special one. We built it with twin diesel inboards and matched the colour of it to the superyacht. It’s got this black hull and a creamy white interior and they look like a matched set.”

“It’s also the first 410 Targa to be built with two inboards. It’s got twin V8 diesel Yanmars. We needed to create new custom engine moulds to fit these in.”

Despite all the effort that went into making this vessel the ultimate dive tender for the most discerning client, the most difficult part of the build was still to come. 

International certification

Asahi II’s hull arrived in the shop for fit out on March 23rd 2023 and only just left in late September. Part of the reason for the long build was that it needed to be certified to SCV2A survey spec and meet UK MCA MGN 280 harmonised standards for its use as a commercial charter. This is an extremely high international certification:

“There was one guy in the UK who did these approvals. He knew a guy in Wellington, Greg Marsden, who worked alongside him. Greg flew up to us eight or nine times and did the hard work to prepare everything.”

This included reviewing over 20 ISO standards including stability, construction, electrical systems, fire protection and more. When the team was finally ready the UK surveyor, Duncan Saunders flew out from the UK to perform the final tests:

“Duncan – jetlagged and arriving with only the clothes on his back (luggage in Hong Kong) – was fuelled by the best coffee New Zealand could muster to hit the ground running.” Said Wellington surveyor Greg Marsden in a September newsletter.

A collaborative effort

On day one of three, Duncan and Greg worked with the Rayglass team to thoroughly test the vessel. On day two our team got a chance to resolve any post inspection issues then on day three we carried out the final on-water testing:

“It was a massive, worldwide collaborative effort between our team at Rayglass, the surveyors and the owner. Duncan and Greg were both awesome, they knew their stuff, got along with the team and worked really well.”

With all the work behind us Lyndsay says it was well worth it to produce a special vessel like the Asahi II:

“It’s a fantastic representation of New Zealand’s boat building industry. A real flagship boat for New Zealand and for Rayglass. You’ll understand when you see it!”

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