As you read this, the team at Rayglass are busy building 24 high performance Protector RIBs for a special collaboration between NZ Coastguard and the 36th America’s Cup. The vessels will be owned by Coastguard, but will be on loan to the America’s Cup  to be used as support and safety boats for races and regattas.

In March 2021 when the America’s Cup is over, the boats will be returned to Coastguard. We’ll complete a full fit out to prepare them to go out to Coastguard units nationwide in August 2021.

We caught up with Coastguard to see how this benefits them and the amazing work they do keeping kiwi boaties safe out on the water.

Tell us a bit about the New Zealand Coastguard?

NZ Coastguard is the Charity saving lives at sea – staffed by 2,200 volunteers and a handful of full-timers. Our ultimate goal is to help Kiwi boaties enjoy the water safely by offering training, health and safety, and of course, search and rescue. In the last year alone, we’ve dedicated thousands of hours to training and getting several people home safely after responding to their calls for help. To do what we do effectively, we need the right gear, including boats, navigation equipment and outboard engines – all of which require a significant investment. And, as a Charity with limited ability to fundraise, this can present a real challenge.

Our collaboration with the America’s Cup and Rayglass will enable us to replace one third of our fleet with near-new vessels. It will make it possible for us to continue our life-saving work in communities throughout the country for decades to come.

Rayglass’s Protector RIBs are ideally suited to both Coastguard and the AC.

How does the 36th Americas Cup impact NZ Coastguard?

The event will have a huge impact on Coastguard. With so many of our units around the country getting near-new vessels with modern propulsion and navigation equipment, we’ll be able to significantly increase our time on the water and decrease maintenance costs.

Our units will be able to rely on these new vessels at all times to enable them to continue doing the great work they do. Kiwis along our vast coastline, rivers and lakes will continue to have peace of mind, knowing that Coastguard has their back every time they hit the water.

Rayglass Protectors – ready for action.

Our collaboration with Rayglass Boats

Rayglass has been providing Coastguard with vessels for several years now, and the Protector RIB has played a key role in countless rescues throughout the Hauraki Gulf.

They’ve also just become the first manufacturer to join the Coastguard Membership Partner Program. That means Rayglass customers have an NZ Coastguard Membership included with any new boat purchase, to ensure they are safe on the water at all times.

If you’re keen to support the amazing work we do here at Coastguard, you’ve got three choices:

  1. Support organisations like Rayglass who are part of our partner program
  2. Become a Coastguard member for just $115 and gain instant peace of mind when you’re out on the water. It’s a boaty’s best mate!
  3. Or make a donation at

Thanks for your continued support, and safe boating everyone!

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