Every now and then, Rayglass builds a boat that’s completely unique. Graysea, a Protector 330 Targa was one of them.

The vessel’s proud new owner wanted a boat that would enable a quick, comfortable, all-weather commute from Auckland to Waiheke where he’d purchased a berth at the new marina.

Introducing a New Zealand first

This incredible machine built by the Rayglass team is the ultimate commuter and the first boat in New Zealand to be fitted with twin Mercury Verado V10s. These incredible engines are lighter, faster and quieter than competitor outboards (and much, much cooler).

The new Mercury Verado is the world’s first marine outboard V10 engine, boasting 400hp. The engines feature advanced digital controls for effortless operation and adaptive speed adjustment, which automatically maintains engine rpm to suit load or conditions. According to Mercury, they are 20% lighter than competitor outboards tested, 55% faster, and 40% quieter. They’re also easy to maintain, durable, and incredibly efficient.

The ultimate commuter

We could think of no better vessel to fit these high-tech engines to than the Protector 330 Targa. This boat is built tough to meet the needs of the most demanding users and is perfectly suited to inter-island commuting or use as a superyacht tender. Matt Flannagan, Sales Manager at Rayglass, says the new owner was over the moon that his new twin engines were a first:

“He was super excited when we started discussions around his vessel being the first in New Zealand with twin V10 outboards. The boat is perfect for him - it’s a high speed, safe, dry and comfortable commuter that’s big enough to fit 10 people aboard.”

"When we tested it, she was cruising comfortably at 40-60 knots.”

Matt adds that the owner dives and fishes around Waiheke, which the Protector is great for:

“It’s advanced design and low sides make it ideal for diving and fishing. It’s very comfortable thanks to generous seating options and the advanced hull means you can go anywhere.”

800hp at your fingertips

To make it easier for the vessel’s new owner to manoeuvre tight spaces such as the Waiheke Marina, the Rayglass team added a high-tech feature, Mercury Joystick Piloting.

This technology places the throttle, shift and steering at the pilot’s fingertips in a single touchpoint. The joystick provides complete control, enabling you to move your vessel sideways, forward, backward and diagonally - or even rotate it in place.

It also features the Skyhook Digital Anchor, which uses GPS to lock in and maintain your position and heading with the push of a button, regardless of wind, current or conditions. It can automate a commute, or hold you in place while you reel in your catch.


Like the sound of Graysea? Get in touch with Rayglass Boats to find out more about Protector Boats or arrange a personalised tour.

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